Exports sums up more than 80% of Shoneez Motors – Kuwait yearly operations, which makes this department a vital core pillar in this institution. Our exportation had expended beyond the geographical boundaries and this is due to our offices’ divergence presence in  Kuwait and GCC.


We were able to accommodate the GCC, African, Asian and even European markets. In addition, we were able to reach GCC region


Shoneez Motor – Kuwait has the ability to take on small, mid-sized and large number of commercial vehicles to ship off. Not to mention that its exported vehicles range from new to used, 4*4s, Sedans, Trucks, Heavy equipment and much more. As for the brands, we do have a wide elasticity of them (Mitsubishi, BMW, Chevrolet…) yet, most of our deals focus on Toyota and Mercedes Benz.

Our services cover the following exportation criteria for a very favorable and acceptable fee:

  • Documentation clearance
  • Logistics
  • Financial transactions
  • Cargo clearance


Medium of Exportation:

  • Land Carriers: Fleet of Trucks belonging to our in-house Transportation Company: Shoneez Transportation Co.
  • Sea Freight: Depending on the Destination and the client.


Exports Department Contacts: 
Tel:  +965 22455102/3
email: sales@shoneezmotors.com

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Flat map showing the Kuwait Shoneez office as the main headquarter and the different exportation destinations

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