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In 1987, Shoneez was brought to life on the hands of Mr. Abdullah Al Tali Senior, and his two Sons Mr. Michel and Mr. Wael Al Tali. Following three decades of building this automotive trading empire, Shoneez was able to expand its local and overseas trading operations. It had actually acquired thirty eight facilities, warehouses and showrooms all around the world. In fact, Shoneez is currently present in  Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain in addition to Ukraine and Russia. This capacity of expansion had given this immense institution the needed leverage and added value to penetrate into large markets of car trading.


Our vision is based on three interactive pillars to ensure Shoneez’ success. First, our employees must be fully satisfied at their workplace. 2nd, our clients should be able to trust our judgment and rely fully on our car selection. Finally, we are to maintain our corporate profitability to ensure Shoneez’ momentum expansion and contribution as a corporate citizen to the community in presence.


Provide our clients with the best quality of service in a professional and friendly environment to manifest trust at its best forms and increase the sales rates.


  • Accountability: doing it right the first time is not only our goal, it is our standard. We strive at rising above the personal judgments and overcome the one’s circumstances in order to achieve the aimed for results.
  • Knowledge & Experience base decision making: we highly encourage our employees to base their decisions on structured information instead of incidental impressions.
  • Integrity: we strive at Shoneez to do the right thing. We commit to the truth and stand by it.
  • Continuous improvement: we have built an environment which supports innovation and creativity.
  • Teamwork: this is how we bring individual talents together to work in harmony and towards a unified purpose.
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