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Mercedes Actros: 4140 B 8X4/4 5100 – 2015 | Shoneez Motors – Cars in Kuwait

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Mercedes Actros: 4140 B 8X4/4 5100 – 2015

KD 42,000

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Type Actros : 4140 B 8X4/4 5100-model year 2015


1 9147 arctic white

Tyres Description:

A1 F18L19 75 x 3 315/80 R 22,5# TL Highway "L"

A2 F18L19 75 x 2 315/80 R 22,5# TL Highway "L"

A3 F18K26 75 x 4 315/80 R 22,5# TL Highway cross country (S+G) ”K

A4 F18K26 75 x 4 315/80 R 22,5# TL Highway cross country (S+G) "K

Description Code:

A91 Front axle, straight version

AL3 Front axle 7,51

AM3 Rear axle H7,13.01, crown wheel 300

AR1 Axle ratio i = 5.333 (HL7)

BB0 Anti-lock braking system (ABS), disengageable

BB5 Disc brakes on front and rear axle

BB8 Telligent braking system with ABS and ASR

C42 Stabiliser, rear axle, under frame

C63 Bumper, steel version

CL9 Steering LS 6/LS 8

CR4 Mounting parts on frame/hole pattern

D25 Roof hatch/vent, roof

E39 Automatic cutouts

E84 Battery box, lockable

EM8 PSM, body and trailer CAN, ISO 11992

ET1 Voltage transformer, 24 V/12 V, 8 A

EV6 Provision, 12-V radio, retrofit

F07 S cab

F24 Cab rear wall, straight

F35 Cab rear wall with window

F52 Sun visor, exterior, transparent

FC7 Windows, tinted, without sun filter

FE5 Power windows for driver's/co-driver's door

FE6 Cab steps, movable

FL3 Cab mountings, rear, reinforced

FL6 Cab mountings, standard

FN1 Distribution cockpit

FS2 Wide-angle mirror on driver's side, heated

FT0 Exterior rear-view mirror, grooved cover

FZ9 Additional keys or remote-control transmitter

G81 Clutch, reinforced

GC2 Transmission G 240-16/11.7-0.69

GS7 Telligent gearshift system II

GZ6 Clutch supplier Valeo

H03 Air conditioning system

HF1 Construction-site filter

J10 Speedometer, km

J58 Warning device for seat belts

JK2 Instrument cluster, graphics-capable display

JWO Reversing warning device

K40 Tank-cap lock

K45 Screen, tank filler neck

K68 Exhaust silencer(s), vertical, behind cab

K81 Fuel pre-filter, heated water separator

KS2 Main tank, 300 I, steel

L30 Protective grilles, headlamps

L42 Position lamps, top, yellow

M49 Tandem air cleaner system

M78 Engine number, stamped-in

MA9 Engine mountings, for off-road use

MD4 Speed limiter, 90 km/h, EC

MD9 Cruise control

MK9 Insect screen, in front of cooling system

MPO Engine package, for heavy-duty operation

MP2 Engine cooling power, increased

MSO Engine version, Euro II

MX3 Engine, V6, LA, 290 kW (394 hp), 1800 rpm

N52 Engine takeoff, rear, torque 600 Nm

IM54 Coupling, flexible, for engine takeoff (loose)

N55 Transmission oil cooling

P44 Mudguard, for chassis transit

Q28 Trailer/tow-away coupling, Rockinger

Q57 Tow-away coupling, rear

QC6 Front spring, 7.5 t, hard

QF6 Rear spring, 16.0 t, hard

R04 Wheel nut cap

R38 15-degree tapered rims, 9.00 x 22.5

R60 Spare wheel carrier, provisional

R87 Spare wheel/spare wheel rim

SF0 Fold-up seat, co-driver

SG5 Driver's standard suspension seat, Isringhausen

TT5 Weight variant 41.01 (7.5/7.5/13.0/13.0)

X42 Labels/publications, English

X53 Publications, Arabic, additional

XC2 Model plate, Gulf States

XV6 Actros 3

XY5 Model year 5

Y10 First aid kit

Y16 Fire extinguisher

Y20 Tool kit, export

Y28 2 wheel chocks

Y42 Telescopic jack, 12 t

Y44 Hazard warning triangle

Y45 Warning lamp

Y47 Hand lamp, 10 m cable

YK4 Compressed-air gun, supplied loose

Z01 Country-specific version

ZZ3 Vehicle, for right-side traffic


Year: 2015
Make: Mercedes
Model: Actros 4140
Body Style: Truck Mixer Chassis
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Price: KD 42,000
Exterior Color: White
Inventory Type: Trucks
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